About us

About us:

Oaktree was founded in England over a decade ago, and has been operating in Israel since 2008. Oaktree specializes in import and export of health products – vitamins, minerals, probiotics and a wide range of high-quality goods from leading international companies.

What’s special about us:

Oaktree is careful to only import the very best health products that are renowned for their outstanding quality and successful absorption rate in the body. Oaktree’s products are made from the finest ingredients, in excellent manufacturing conditions, after careful inspection by international research institutions, and our own professional team. This ensures that Oaktree’s products are compatible with the highest standards of quality required by the FDA, NSP and GMP, and of course the Israel Health Ministry.

Shibolim, Spatone and Maxi-Health are some of the brand names that we carry. All the products that we import are of the highest standards of kashrut. Customer service Oaktree enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability and integrity which has earned the company many satisfied suppliers and customers over the years. Our customers can take advantage of the VIP service we offer, that allows access to a helpful team of naturopaths and other senior professionals who can advise suppliers, health-stores, pharmacies and practitioners regarding any of the products we carry.

Our vision At Oaktree: 

We believe, with a growing public awareness of correct nutrition, the life-span in Israel will increase. This hope is supported by publication of studies in recent years showing a rise in the average life-span. We also import a range of natural food products and tasty health-snacks that are free of food-colourings, chemicals and preservatives. These food and snack items are produced to highest, advanced standards, with a strict kashrus certification, and at a reasonable price.

Marketing and Distribution:

Oaktree has a developed marketing and distribution network, with deliveries to outlets up and down the country. Every week we deliver to hundreds of health stores, pharmacies and natural health-care practitioners.

For the customer:

Individual customers can order our products directly via our website, or by phone via our customer service. Immediate delivery of the order will be made to one of our outlets nearest to the customer’s home address.

At your service:

Even if you are not yet a client of ours, you can still get to know and benefit from our quality products and personalized, devoted customer service. A meeting can be arranged with a customer service representative who will show you the range of Oaktree products and give advice if required - with no commitment on your part.