עדנה פרו-דרנל קאלם

עדנה פרו-דרנל קאלם

Edna Giga

60 Capsules

An adaptogenic herbal formula for strengthening memory, learning, concentration and serenity.

Suitable for optimizing learning and performance abilities, especially in times of intense stress and pressure. Recommended for test periods

Also for situations that require heightened congnitive functioning, stressful workloads and intense routines.

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Giga is designed to provide a solution for:

Pupils and students - for optimizing learning ability - with or without a tendency to attention and concentration problems.

Managers, high-tech and business people - executives require focused thinking, decision-making abilities, and capacity to perform in times of stress and pressure.

Adults and adults with memory disorders that result from age or life events such as births injury or illness and more ...

Can also be used on a one-time basis

After all, we all know, and studies have long shown how stress and pressure affect our lives, reduce the ability to concentrate and learn, impair memory and may even diminish immune capacity and disrupt the digestive system.
Adaptogenic plants are plants that help one adapt and cope with stressful situations, restore the adrenal gland and regulate secretion and response to cortisol.

Directions and supplement facts

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. The immediate effect is for a period of about 10 hours.

Can also be taken on a one-time basis for assistance with a targeted need such as a test, etc.The plants will help to improve brain abilities but in this way no general improvement in brain function will be achieved.

For best results take with Arma Boost, which contains brown seaweed - combo and arma, which are highly impactful on memory and cognitive function, in addition to general strengthening.

Treatment Outcomes:

The product consists of 4 powerful plants: Ginkgo, Vitanya, Hawthorn and Goto Cola, which improve blood circulation to the brain, heart and whole body, restore nerve cells, and improve the ability to cope with stress.

Giga affects on 2 levels: an immediate effect of strengthened cognitive ability and a deeper and cumulative effect of improved thinking ability and coping with stressful situations.

Brain plants for improving memory and attention, have strong adaptogenic activity to withstand stressful situations and enhance functioning, and have a beneficial effect on anxiety and depression created as a result of stress.

Herbal Composition:

Ginkgo biloba - a key ingredient in the formula. Ginkgo is one of the few components that can cross the bloodstream barrier to the brain, and act as an antioxidant. An animal study found protection against cell death and brain damage after blood failure. Ginkgo helps with Alzheimer's, stroke, poor blood flow, epilepsy, depression and dizziness.

Intoxicating Vitania (Withania somnifera) - Indian ginseng, with deep and non-aggressive activity. Increases coping ability, improves thought and concentration processes, helps with stress, anxiety, memory disorders, dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, obsessive-compulsive disorder, fatigue, sleep disorders, and immune weakness.

Hawthorn (Crataegus spp) - balances blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Induces a sense of calm and "heart expansion".

Goto cola (Centella asiatica) - for improving thought processes. Helps with stress, anxiety, memory disorders, ADHD, slowing down aging and exhaustion.

Restrictions on use and contraindications :
Not recommended for use before and during pregnancy or while nursing.

Whilst taking medication for anesthesia as well as for a few weeks before surgery this product should not be taken.

For those taking conventional medications and especially blood thinners - care must be taken.

Recommended for use with antacids - because the plants treat ulcers.

For more information and further guidance on use of this product and accompanying diet, please consult the Edna website:


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